Pages of Shustah Meanings

Pages of Shustah meanings for divination based on my studies and personal experience with reading the Shustah cards. The following keywords are not meant to be exhaustive. As you work with the Shustah, you’ll find that the cards are multidimensional and work on all levels of being.

The Pages of Shustah

Black Suit – Represents people or qualities

1 – Aries: The beginning or something new. A lot of energy invested but quickly dissipates. Combative, impulsive, poor judgment. Rules brain, head, face.

2 – Taurus: Slow and steady progress. Holding on, unable to let go of someone or something. Stability, stubborness. Rules throat, neck, ears.

3 – Gemini: Mental activity. Lots of thinking and/or talking but not much action. Something happens twice. Intellect, writing, communication, travel. Rules lungs, shoulders, arms or hands.

4 – Cancer: Mothering, fluctuating emotions, intuitive insight. Home. Rules breasts or stomach.

5 – Leo: Positive energy, charismatic and magnetic. Loyal, courageous, generous, pleasure, fun. Love affair. Rules heart or back.

6 – Virgo: Pay attention to the details. Organization, analyze, critical. Rules digestive tract, bones, upper respiratory.

7 – Libra: Weighing the pros and cons, partnerships. Vacillation. Need for balance. Rules kidneys or loins.

8 – Scorpio: Evaluating and planning. High energy, sexuality, sensitive, moody, vindictive. Rules genitals, bladder and rectum.

9 – Sagittarius: Improved circumstances. Increase, expansion, growth. Rules hips or thighs.

10 – Capricorn: Hard work. Results must be earned. Determination, drive for success, perseverance. Rules knees, bones, teeth.

11 – Aquarius: Sudden change. Something unusual or unexpected. Rules ankles, calves, eyes, circulatory system.

12 – Pisces: Need to be cautious, confusions or deceptions. Psychic ability. Rules feet.

13 – The Card of Destiny: The situation is ruled by destiny, change, intuition. The emotions, the subconscious.

14 – The Card of Self: Represents the self and how the person uses his or her energy. What you’re wrapped up in. Ego, self-assurance.


The Red Suit: Adversity, trouble, severity and disappointments.

1 – Death: Death, the end, divorce.

2 – The Little Foxes: Trickery, deception. Cleverness.

3 – The Separating Fence: Temporary separation, freedom from restriction.

4 – The Bed: Illness, need for rest, dreams. Sexuality, need for discretion, misconduct. Gives no response to yes/no questions.

5 – The Black Cat: Danger, anger and resentment. Jealousy, treachery.

6 – The Closed Gate: Block, obstacle, negative response, stop.

7 – The Whip: Discipline and control, rules and regulations. Hardship, violence.

8 – The Serpent: Enemies, betrayal, danger or delusion, mistake. Need for wisdom.

9 – The Weeping Woman: Disappointment, sorrow, sadness, frustration, depression.

10 – The Sacred Mushroom: Confrontation, positive or negative. Serious discussion.

11 – The Spying Page: Trapped, restricted. Watchfullness.

12 – The Pale Horse: Fear and worry. The elements, storm, fleeing a situation.

13 – Winged Winter: Isolation, completion, cold shoulder, turning your back on something or someone, cold weather, time card: winter season.

14 – The Lord of Authority: Authority, security. The will of God, religious faith.


The Green Suit: Development, desire, growth and progress.

1 – The Candle: Wisdom and knowledge, right action, enlightenment.

2 – The Guardian Dog: Fidelity, friendship, protection, loved one, faithfulness.

3 – The Unicorn: Physical force, scattered energies, lack of focus, uncontrolled energy.

4 – The Path: Enthusiasm unsustained, temporary emotion. Short duration, short distance. The unforeseen, the unknown.

5 – The Noisy Seabird: Confusing talk, chatty, gossip, slander.

6 – The Pregnant Mouse: Poverty, sickness, temporary lack, anxiety.

7 – The Open Door: Opportunity, expansion, a chance to escape.

8 – The Journey: Long trip. Journey out of state, distance. Moving forward.

9 – The Mammoth: The distant past, karmic influences. Past life connections.

10 – Legal Papers: Letter, will, legal document, signing papers. Business matters.

11 – The Playful Page: Having a good time, may need to take things a bit more seriously. Amusement, lack of responsibility.

12 – The Magical Horse: Swift progress, speedy resolution to situation. Car, vehicle or mode of transport.

13 – The Angel of Spring: A renewal, a new beginning. Expectation, enthusiasm. Rainy weather, Time card: season of Spring.

14 – The Lord of Contemplation: Deep thinking, contemplation. Careful attention. Something under consideration. Need to ponder carefully before taking action.


The Yellow Suit: Creativity, material gain and spiritual awareness.

1 – The Chalice: Celebration. Birth. Spiritual energy, emotional energy.

2 – The Labyrinth: Secrets, mystery. Major change in direction. Change of focus.

3 – The Butterflies: Short-lived happiness, non-sustained effort, periodic actions. Inconsistency, recklessness.

4 – The Little Fool: Playing the fool, inexperience, innocence, naiveté. Playing games.

5 – The Little Holy Pigs: Good luck, material gain. Abundance on all levels, expansion, increase.

6 – The Witch Hazel Tree: Healing, harmony, fruition, the reaping of good karma.

7 – The Treasure: Gift, talent, spiritual gifts, material gifts, money.

8 – The Gnomes: Gain through hard physical, emotional or spiritual labor. Enterprise, industry, activity, physical energy.

9 – The Spinning Top: Surprise or shock. Hidden plans revealed, the unexpected.

10 – The Coins: A large sum of money, monetary increase, financial security.

11 – The Strange Page: Unexpected company, a new friend or love interest coming.

12 – The Golden Horse: Victory, winning on all levels.

13 – The Angel of Autumn: Losing interest in a person or project. Loss of enthusiasm. Windy weather, autumn season.

14 – The Lord of Power: Focus on spiritual growth. Harnessing your personal power. Concentration, meditation.


The Blue Suit: Benignancy, serenity and constructive endeavors.

1 – The Totem: The home, family matters. Intimacy, loyalty, clan, tribe.

2 – The Child and the Puppy: Responsibility to a child or pet. Dependence, attachment.

3 – The Fishes: Small wish granted, good luck, something new, a developing situation.

4 – The Swamp: Trap, hazard. Feeling swamped or overloaded, delays and slow progress. Need for caution.

5 – The Diamond: Devoted love, engagement, illumination, spiritual wisdom.

6 – The Ouroboros: Wedding, marriage, partnership, union. Self-sustaining, cycles.

7 – The Return Road: Indecision, something comes back, going back somewhere, decisions to be made. Physical trip and return.

8 – The Celestial Bees: Happy keeping busy, working creatively with a group. Activity, physical work.

9 – The Big Wish: Heart’s desire, fulfillement, your wish comes true; you get what you desire out of life.

10 – The Stars: Wishes, hopes, advantage. Good business.

11 – The Harmonizing Page: Creative energy, music, art. Social activity.

12 – The Divine Horse: Happiness, safety and protection in the home. Contentment.

13 – Angel of Summer: Success, reaching your potential, sunny weather, time card: summer season.

14 – The Lord of Benevolence: Teacher, mentor, help, emotional support. Spiritual gifts, prayers answered.


2 thoughts on “Pages of Shustah Meanings

  1. My book fell apart and then I lost it. It’s such a pleasure to find your page when I pulled 3 cards I am unfamiliar with, ones hat have rarely been revealed to me. Thank you!


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